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The Bit Different Collection

'We are all a bit different, so let’s teach our children to open their minds, hearts and souls to all kinds of possibilities.'

Welcome to 'The Bit Different Collection' (TBDC), an upcoming series of children's picture books, which aim to promote and encourage acceptance and inclusivity, and to help children to understand and appreciate differences.

The books also provide an aid for teachers/parents to use when needing to explain differences, medical concerns or disabilities to their children.

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Meet the Author


Hi, I'm Jo. 

The most important thing that you need to know about me is that I LOVE children's picture books. Amongst some of the many benefits that reading can have for a child, I just love how it can help them to learn more about themselves and the world around them and, most importantly, how a good book can help a child to just switch off from the world, to relax and to have their little minds scooped up and whisked away.

My books aim to engage children, to spread positive messages, to gently prepare them for the world and life ahead of them, and to help them to develop a real love for reading, and a love for each other.

The stories in the collection are about differences. From my experience as a former teacher, and in working with SEN young adults, I recognise the importance of teaching children from a young age to understand that we are all a bit different, and that we need to be respectful of each other and inclusive to all. Instilling kind, caring, inquisitive, and sensitive qualities in a child can aid in shaping them into becoming the best version of themselves as they grow up. What better way to do this then through books: lovely, positive stories with loveable characters and beautiful illustrations?

I hope that I am able to spread the magic of books and the importance of acceptance and inclusion to young children as well as to parents and teachers who have this same desire.

Let's see!

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Books in the collection so far.
More to come!



Amazon £7.99

Despite being blind, Bertie sees himself as a 'super-bat.' Nothing can stop him! Or can it?
Bertie gets into a tricky situation and starts to give up on himself. Will he find his 'superpowers' and prove that he is a super-bat after all?



Amazon £7.99

Crosby isn't a typical crocodile. He is kind, gentle and friendly and he won't use his big teeth or claws to cause harm. The other crocodiles laugh at Crosby and are unkind to him for being different.
Upset and lonely, Crosby sets out to find acceptance. Will he be able to find somewhere he can be himself? How can he use his big teeth and claws in a positive way? And will Crosby not only be accepted by others, but learn to accept himself?

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Amazon £7.99

Floss the Flamingo is very proud of her special features. Loveable, determined, and positive, this flamingo is admired by many.
Never one to let her weak legs stop her, Floss always finds a way to conquer challenges. But, when she begins to struggle, will she find a way to overcome her difficulties?
Find out in this heart-warming story about differences, disability, teamwork, and self-belief!

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Happy customers

See what our readers think!

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Crosby the Not-So-Snappy Crocodile

I love any story with a strong moral or message for kids and this one ticks all of the boxes.

We love the rhyming flow of the words and the colourful illustrations too. It's been such a hit.

I'm looking forward to using this in my children's mindfulness classes and 1:1's.

Bertie the Very Blind Bat

This book is simply stunning.

The message and the illustrations are perfectly put together to make a wonderful story that celebrates diversity.

My reception class adore Bertie and ask me to read this story for them on a daily basis.

We can't wait to collect all of the books in this collection!

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Floss the Wobbly Flamingo

The emphasis on teamwork and self-belief resonates strongly, making this book not only entertaining but also educational.

As a parent, I appreciate the positive messages conveyed, and I believe this book is an invaluable addition to any child's library.

"Floss the Wobbly Flamingo" is a delightful journey that celebrates diversity and encourages children to embrace their unique qualities with confidence.

Crosby the Not-So-Snappy Crocodile

A lovely way to reinforce that everyone is special and unique. 

It’s fantastic to see more books on the market promoting and normalising our differences.

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Bertie the Very Blind Bat

This book is brilliant! I recommend it to all.

It's beautifully written and the illustrations are fabulous!

I'll be sending it in to my children's school and nursery and it will come in useful at work when I am working with children (Psychologist).

Thank you for making this book for us all to enjoy. From a mum with different children. 

Floss the Wobbly Flamingo

"Floss the Wobbly Flamingo" is an absolute gem in children's literature! This heart-warming story beautifully weaves together themes of differences, disability, teamwork, and self-belief in a way that captivates young readers and imparts valuable life lessons.

The main character, Floss, with her unique challenges, becomes an endearing symbol of resilience and determination. The narrative skilfully navigates the complexities of embracing differences, fostering a sense of empathy and understanding among young readers.

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Crosby the Not-So-Snappy Crocodile

What’s not to love about Crosby? He’s absolutely delightful and adorable. He promotes inclusion and acceptance and we all need a little bit of that in our lives.

Bertie the Very Blind Bat

We are in LOVE with Bertie! What an exceptionally brave and brilliantly unique bat. 

This story is beautifully written, the cadence is flawless and the illustrations complement the story so well.

The deeper meaning behind the story is close to my heart. Such books that promote inclusivity, representation, empowerment and entertainment all in one book, are few and far between - well done to the author for creating a masterpiece!

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Floss the Wobbly Flamingo

This sweet, gentle book carries such important messages about believing in yourself, friendship, kindness, inclusion and overcoming challenges.

It's impossible not to fall in love with Floss and the illustrations are absolutely joyful! An essential for the children's bookshelf.

Crosby the Not-So-Snappy Crocodile

Crosby has come to teach children that it is OK to be different, which is a particularly important theme with children starting new schools, making new friends, and finding their feet in a new environment. There is no set way that we all have to feel or behave in order to have friends.

Crosby discovers a special talent and begins to feel good about himself. This important lesson will resonate with little ones and show them that everyone has different strengths which should be celebrated. 

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Bertie the Very Blind Bat

Bertie is a loveable character who overcomes his disability and shows his resilience.

The story flows beautifully, and is written in rhyme.

As a former primary school teacher, I can see how much enjoyment could be got from this book, and through the curriculum. 

Crosby the Not-So-Snappy Crocodile

I love the theme of this book. We are really big on being yourself and not trying to fit in with the expectations of others.

We love the subtle Pride theme, there is a nod to LGBTQA+ pride, but also a general theme of being proud of yourself and who you are.

We loved the illustrations, and, if you thought it couldn't get any better, this book rhymes too!

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Bertie the Very Blind Bat

My son was diagnosed with an incredibly rare degenerative eye disease and he's become night blind. This will progress as he ages and he will eventually be left with a donut of central vision. This book will be perfect to make him see that he is as amazing as we know he is.

Thank you so, so much.

Floss the Wobbly Flamingo

Having a disability may cause challenges, but everyone has their challenges. We all also have our strengths and something to offer.

This book captures this message perfectly.


Crosby the Not-So-Snappy Crocodile

Great for helping little ones to understand the importance of  being kind, accepting others for who they are, and believing in themselves.

Bertie the Very Blind Bat

There is so much to love about this story. Bertie is an enduring character who, despite the odds, is able to overcome a difficult situation. Much like life, sometimes we are confronted with challenges that seem impossible, but, if we dig deep within ourselves, we have more than enough capacity to overcome it. 

Bertie was the solver of his own problem which highlights the universal trait 'to not give up.'

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Floss the Wobbly Flamingo

I think everyone could relate to floss in one way or another.

Such an uplifting positive booking about inclusivity and finding your strengths and adapting to your weaknesses, which everyone has!
I love the flow of the book, the colourful, inviting illustrations and the message of the book.

Crosby the Not-So-Snappy Crocodile

This book shows that you should treat others with respect, and accept people no matter who they are and what they are like.

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Bertie the Very Blind Bat

I love the message behind this book. 

I am a child therapist, so will be using this book at work as it really hits the mark for children who might be struggling with being 'a bit different.'

Floss the Wobbly Flamingo

Flamingo Floss reminds us how valuable being unique is and her friends prove that there is nothing more uplifting in tough times than the support of your loved ones.

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Crosby the Not-So-Snappy Crocodile

This book is a little rhymed gem,

It is so empowering and gentle at the same time.

A perfect combination for s!

Bertie the Very Blind Bat

I enjoyed everything about 'Bertie the Very Blind Bat.' The illustrations, dialogue and Bertie himself.

Even though nobody is perfect, we all have a place in this world.


Floss the Wobbly Flamingo

This story really touches the heart.

Truly a book that can teach us how to make the world a better place.

Crosby the Not-So-Snappy Crocodile

The message is clear: be who you are, and stay strong always. 

Such a beautiful, powerful message for people of all ages.

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Bertie the Very Blind Bat

What a lovely book! 

A celebration of being different told to children in a fun way.

Floss the Wobbly Flamingo

I’m always looking for books to use as a Children’s Mental Health therapist.

This book meets everything I’m looking for- great message, inclusion, cute pictures, and engaging story.


Crosby the Not-So-Snappy Crocodile

Oh my goodness, Crosby is a total star!

We have had lots of problems recently, which has had an impact on my children. When reading 'Crosby,' my son said: "That's like me. I'm going to swim away from the people who don't love me, and swim towards the ones that think I'm awesome."

Bertie the Very Blind Bat

This book is absolutely ADORABLE! One of our personal favourites! 

The book teaches the importance of using your strengths to overcome obstacles. 

The rhyming story is very well written and beautifully illustrated. We highly recommend. 

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Floss the Wobbly Flamingo

As an occupational therapist, I love that a tool and technique recommended by friends is utilized by Floss to help overcome her challenge. 

The illustrations are beautiful and will capture the attention and hearts of children!

Crosby the Not-So-Snappy Crocodile

What a delightful story this is!

This book provides the perfect opportunity to discuss acceptance and tolerance with children, and also how unkindness towards others isn't acceptable.

The story takes a lovely twist on Crosby's uniqueness further, resulting in admiration and acceptance from others.

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Bertie the Very Blind Bat

Lovely illustrations, a cute character and a useful message for children that we all have powers we can use to help ourselves when things seem challenging.

Floss the Wobbly Flamingo

The message is clear: be who you are, and stay strong always. 

Such a beautiful, powerful message for people of all ages.

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'We are all a bit different,

And the world would be bleak

If everyone was the same,

Not special or unique.'

Joanne Moore

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